Trees For Cities

Golden Acre have partnered with Trees for Cities since 2021, supporting their ambition to establish green spaces in urban areas.

Our most recent project saw trees being planted at 5 sites across Leeds: Butterbowl Drive, Old Farm Close, West Wood Extension, Wortley FC and Sisson’s Farm. All 5 sites sit in a Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) marked in the top 10% for multiple deprivations nationally, and are areas identified as having low to medium tree canopy cover.

Studies have shown a correlation between higher levels of deprivation and lower levels of access to quality green space and this is something we wanted to address through this planting project. By planting at these sites, we aim to increase the low tree cover, which will help in capturing carbon and improving local air quality. Creating these urban woodlands will also provide increased habitat, nesting space and food sources for a variety of wildlife. All in all, a range of improved green spaces for both humans and animals! Trees for Cities has worked in with Leeds City Council since 2006, planting over 155,000 trees in 15 years and we look forward to continuing our work in the area!

Our partnership is set to grow into the 22/23 planting season through the planting of 10’s of 1,000’s of whips and 243 heavy standard trees, which are often the most difficult to find funding for. These trees will be planted in multiple locations across the UK.

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