Jaldee Eats launches in halal food-to-go

This month saw the launch of our new on-the-go halal brand, Jaldee Eats.

The range comprises four microwavable meals: Thai-Inspired Yellow Chicken Curry; Thai Green-Style Chicken Curry; Mexican-Style Chicken with Vegetables & Quinoa; and Moroccan-Style Chicken Soup as well as Turkey Deli Sticks for snacking.

The Thai Green Style Chicken Curry & Moroccan Style Chicken Soup, plus the Turkey Deli Sticks are available now from selected Tesco stores.

Jaldee means quick in Urdu & reflects the convenience of the range designed to appeal to younger time-strapped comsumers who are seeking quick meals.

Watch this space for more info on stockists and new products joining the range.

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