Bring A Touch Of Luxury To Your Homemade Sushi

With the Asian-inspired cooking trend showing no signs of slowing down in the UK, Elsinore is launching a NEW, affordable and ‘everyday exclusive’ Masago caviar. Initially available from Waitrose stores nationwide from May 17th, with more listings later in the summer.

Masago is a common ingredient that has gained widespread popularity among sushi savants and connoisseurs of Japanese cooking worldwide. Most commonly used in Asian cuisine because of its semi-crunchy texture and distinct, complex flavour. Making it a perfect addition to Asian-inspired dishes and to add visual interest to sushi rolls, Masago caviar is extremely versatile and can also be incorporated into many recipes that would pair well with something salty, or as a flavour to boost sauces, dips or pastes.


Looking for inspiration on how to use Masago Caviar?

Here are a few of our favourite serving suggestions…

Top homemade sushi rolls with a few teaspoons of Masago
Combine Masago, cheese and fruit on a plate
Use Masago to flavour rice dishes
Spoon Masago onto poke bowls for a unique topping
Add Masago to Asian noodle dishes
Top fish with Masago for a flavourful recipe twist

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